Connor Kline and Travis James Get Hot – Again!

Since his boyfriend (Connor Kline) was reported dead Travis James is facing the holidays alone. When the doorbell rings he can’t believe his eyes, it’s a miracle – Connor is home for the holidays! The guys waste no time and start screwing. Join today!

Charlie Harding is Justin Dean’s Daddy

Part 4 of’s Daddy’s Club is Charlie Harding’s story about how he met Justin Dean. Cruising on a dating app, they were in the same gym at the same time. Soon Justin Dean has a dick up his ass and Charlie is saying “Daddy likes!” Get you membership today!

Marco Rubi Asks Paddy O’Brian to Pound Him

A horny intelligence officer (Marco Rubi) sends an encrypted message to his superior Paddy O’Brian.  The message reads: “Paddy, I want to fuck you”. Paddy doesn’t see the humor but he does take the opportunity to pound Marco’s ass hard and deep! Join today!  

Christmas Orgy in the Locker Room

Happy Holidays!’s Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid, Tom Faulk and Topher DiMaggio are all at the gym during a brutal snow storm. Johnny tries to leave but, baby it’s cold outside, he decides to stay. When the lights go out, the pants come off and the guys spend the night fucking and sucking in the locker room! Get yourself a …

Sam Northman Gets a Present from Topher Di Maggio

The holiday gift exchange between FabScout’s Sam Northman & Topher Di Maggio gets hot. While Sam goes for a traditional gift, Topher opts for the less traditional “dick in a box”.  Minutes later Topher has his dick his Sam’s mouth before fucking him on his desk! Get yourself a present and join today!

Topher Di Maggio Finally Bottoms

Topher Di Maggio is one of the hottest tops in gay porn. Watch him get fucked in the ass for the first time in the latest scene from’s new site, Topher is such an insatiable top that he also fucks the stud who takes his virginity – Lance Luciano! Join today!

Johnny Rapid Gets a Daddy

In’s Daddy’s Club, a group of dominant daddies get together to share stories leading up to an amazing 8 man orgy! John Magnum relates a story about the locker room fuck he had with Johnny Rapid. Johnny was a bit timid but came around quickly and took a champion pounding his ass! Get yourself a present and grab a …

Travis James and Tom Faulk Flip!

Tom Faulk and Travis James meet up in a locker room and pound each other silly! Join today for all kinds of hot action!

Topher DiMaggio’s Last Time as a Total Top

It’s Topher DiMaggio’s last time as a total top at Topher & Jaxton Wheeler get down to business in a hot tub party for 2. The guys trade blowjobs before Jaxton gets his round ass fucked by Topher! Join today!

Jason Goodman Lead Joey Cooper into Temptation

Jason Goodman and Joey Cooper are feeling that hot surge in their loins that comes when you need to bust a nut with the guy you’re with. An old tractor looks inviting. They nuzzle like a couple of young colts. Jason unbuttons his jeans and Joey takes over, giving Jason’s cock and balls an oral workout. Joey is a cute …

Colby Jansen Pounds Corey Haynes

It’s Colby Jansen’s turn to take a trip down memory lane on and what a hot trip! A while back, Colby unknowingly interrupted Corey Haynes’ jerk off session and decided to use the timing to get off himself.  Of course he gets off using Corey’s hot mouth and tight ass! Get yourself a membership today!

Dato Foland Bottoms Again

In part 2 of’s Hotel X, Damien Crosse confesses what he secretly watched in a hotel room booked by horny Dato Foland! Abraham Al Malek becomes only the second top to fuck Dato on film. Fans of Dato as a top won’t be disappointed because he also pounds Abraham’s ass hard! Join and reward yourself!

Trenton Ducati Dominates Rico Romero

Rico Romero is studying in the classroom by himself when the creepy handyman Trenton Ducati comes in to fix the heater. Trenton notices the boy studying and tries to be friendly with him, but all he gets is a cold shoulder from Rico. When Trenton has enough with Rico’s attitude he sneaks up behind him and drags him out …

Fabio Stallone Stuffs Shawne Wolfe

Shawn Wolfe and Fabio Stallone. Cut and uncut. Slim and Beefy. The rule of attraction and magnetism takes hold on them as soon as they are alone and naked together. Shawn’s erection stretches parallel to the long toned lines of his furry young body, but look fast, because that cock is about to disappear in Fabio’s mouth, leaving only …

Attention: Travis James Tops Connor Kline

Connor Kline is being sent on a tour of duty for, but before he goes – one last quickie with his boyfriend Travis James!  Connor gets his amazing bubble butt fucked good and hard! See all the hot action when you join today!

Johnny Rapid and Friends are All Lubed Up!

A hazing ritual in a lubed up inflatable pool gets out of hand in all the right ways!  Johnny Rapid & Kip Johnson get fucked hard by Cooper Reed, Donny Wright & Haigen Sence! Join today for daily updates!

Ryan Rose and Liam Magnuson Hike to Temptation

Delayed gratification makes for hotter sex. After a day hiking on, Liam Magnuson and Ryan Rose are raring to go. They stand shirtless, nose-to-nose and navel-to-navel, their skin burnished by the sun. Both these guys are made out of muscle. Ryan is dark and smooth. Liam is blond and freckled, with a pelt of barely visible hair covering his …

Jake Wilder Gets His Man (Connor Maguire)

Horny Jake Wilder has been turned down by his straight friend Connor Maguire more than once before. But his luck finally changes and his tight hole finally gets fucked by Connor’s throbbing boner! Join today!

Paddy O’Brian Gets Passionate

Deep Connection is part of’s series of sensual scenes where the focus is on passionate love making! Paddy O’Brian takes his time topping Kayden Grey. Grab yourself a subscription today!

Billy Santoro Delivers a Bathroom Pound Down

A group of daddies get together at to recall hot memories before fucking their younger buddies. Billy Santoro met recently 21 Robbie Rivers in a bar and took him to the bathrooms to fuck! Get a membership today!

Vance Crawford Gives it to Darius Ferdynand

Vance Crawford knows Darius Ferdynand wants his big fat dick so he coaxes the young bodybuilder over to suck it. Following Vance’s explicit instructions Darius squeezes and licks the dominant top’s cock just the way he likes it. Vance decides he wants to wrap his lips around Darius’ dick so he orders him to whip it out. Darius surprises Vance …