Colt Rivers is Obsessed with Jimmy Fanz’ Jock

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Killian James Interrupts Justin Owen’s Study Session

Justin Owen has his face in a book. Killian James wants that face on his cock. And he knows just how to do it. He tries to convince Justin to come out and have some fun, but Justin is dead set on studying. Killian decides to be distracting and take his shirt off, revealing his massive chest. Justin rolls onto …

FX Rijos’ Huge Cock Annihilates Nova Rubio

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Blake Stone Heats Up New MenPOV Debut

There’s a new website in the gay porn world. MenPOV has launched and FabScout’s Blake Stone is one of the first pornstars on the new site. You get closeup action as he bottoms for Antonio Paul. Join today!  

Jarec Wentworth Puts Phenix Saint in Focus

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Alessio Romero Takes Charge of Matt Stevens

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Topher Gets to Experience Colt Rivers’ Ass

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Zeb Atlas Pounds Colby Jansen

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Santiago Figueroa Strokes his Big One

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Ricky Roman and Felix Andrews Reconnect

Ricky Roman and Felix Warner might be CockyBoys now, but their relationship goes all the way back to their early teens. To put that timeline in perspective, they met on MySpace and continued to chat on AIM before finally meeting face to face in New York later on. So you could say it was puppy love that blossomed over the …

Colt Rivers Shower-Stalks Tom Faulk and Owen Michaels

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Diesel Washington Delivers Service with a Smile

Sean is staying at a luxury hotel for his first vacation in a very long time. It’s all about relaxing for him and only paying attention to himself and leaving the outside world behind. He’s sitting on his couch rubbing on his cock watching some porn and just when he’s about to pull out his cock the doorbell rings. In …

Jimmy Durano Drills Ricky Decker

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Jarec Wentworth Gives In

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Rikk York Gets Romantic with Damien Crosse

Rikk has a surprise waiting for Damien and he has no clue as to what it is except that it requires him to wear a robe. Rikk has spent a good amount of time setting up a nice warm intimate bath with Champagne and strawberries. Rikk has Damien’s eyes covered as they slowly walk up to the bath. Damien is …