Brandon Jones Dominates Alexander Gustavo

Brandon Jones backs Alexander Gustavo up against the wall, making out and groping each other. Clothes come off, revealing smooth, muscled torsos and hard cocks. Brandon curls his tongue around Alexanders foreskin and eagerly swallows his cock. Lifting Alexanders hips, Brandon burrows his tongue deep into the crack of Alexanders ass. Alexander pivots to suck Brandons cock, then opens up his tight ass for Brandon to fuck him hard and deep. Sitting on Brandons cock, Alexander works his broad shoulders and muscular back to achieve the deepest, most intense penetration. Brandon is supercharged with pheromones and testosterone, and he swings Alexander around as if he were weightless. Without ever releasing Brandons cock, Alexander discharges giant spurts of cum. Brandon helps him squeeze out the last drop before adding his own load to Alexanders jizz-covered abs. Grab yourself a membership today!

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